Which supplements do I take?

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In the modern world we are exposed to toxins in our food, water, personal care products, clothing, EMF’s, and WI-FI every single day year round. Even though we try to live as healthy as possible, we are sadly enough still exposed!
Last week I shared Simple Detox Tools, and promised to share which supplements I take to maintain optimal health.
First I want to talk about what an amazing machine our body is! We have more than 60 trillion cells which all needs to communicate with each other 24/7 all our lives!!
Everybody have different needs in regards to supplements, however most of us needs to support our Endocannabinoid system with a high quality Full Spectrum Hemp product, the digestive system, with a good 5 strain (or more) probiotics product, and the cardiovascular system, with a clean fish oil, and an algae product.

We are exposed to a lot of oxidative stress every day; exhaust from cars, sugar, fried foods, processed foods environment and electronic devices. All that oxidative stress provides an imbalance between free radicals, and the ability for the body to detoxify. Thats why we need A LOT of antioxidant, as they will help push out the free radicals.

The reason why you should add fiber to your daily supplement regime, is because the small intestine is made of villus (small finger like pockets), and can store a lot of waist in these pockets. The fibers will help clean those pockets out.
Fibers helps normalizing the bowel movement, and transport all toxins out.
They reduce your risk for diverticulitis (inflammation of the intestine), hemorrhoids, gallstones, kidney stones, and provide some relief for irritable bowel syndrome
All these fibers absorbs water and fluids on their way, which means, it’s really important to drink plenty of water with your fibers. Too little water may cause constipation!

With that said, here are the base of supplements that I take to maintain optimal health.

Ultra Cell Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – to support my Endocannabinoid system (you can find it in my shop)
Psyllium Husk capsules – to support my digestive system
Arterosil – to support my cardiovascular system (check out arterosil.com, and shoot me an email for a good price)
Ecology Omega 3 fish oil, to support my brain and cardiovascular system
Belly Boddies probiotics – to support my digestive system

In my supplement cabinet you’ll also find:
Vitamin D
Echinacea drops – that’s our Flu Shot!
Endocannibinoid support products Ultra brand ( you can find them in my shop)
Other fibers to rotate – Chia- Hemp – Flax – and Sesame seeds
Essential oils
Fulvic Ionic minerals for detox
Char coal for detox
Collegen capsules and powder

Please consider these couple of things before you go out and buy supplements.
Consult a Holistic Health Practitioner, or Health and Wellness coach with credentials. They are trained to help you look at the whole body, and guide you in what is right for you.