What is The Back to Basics Lifestyle

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Thousands of years ago, our ancestors lived very differently than we do today. Their food was what they could find locally, and their meat was either caught or hunted. That way of living was exactly what matched what the body needed.
Today, we tend to buy a lot of processed foods because our lifestyle is too busy to cook from scratch.

“The Back to Basics” lifestyle is about getting back to making our own meals, using fresh local and seasonal ingredients, as well as getting families back to the dining table enjoying a good meal together, and have conversations across the table.

It is also about learning to feel, and listening to your inner voice – your gut feeling – your intuition.
“The Back to Basics” lifestyle will also teach you just how simple a healthy lifestyle can be when we look at it holistically.

My Seven Steps

I have developed My Seven Steps, because diet and exercise are not enough to achieve optimal health. It is important that there is balance in your everyday life. You get it by using the 7 Steps in your everyday life.

Food – Water – Sleep – Exercise – Fresh Air – Silence – Gratitude

Read more about The Seven Steps here

You can eat almost anything

If the food has been able to grow on its own, run free, fly or swim, you can eat it.
Always think, the nearest road from farm to table!
A rule of thumb if you buy processed foods is that there are only 5 or fewer ingredients.

Eat the Rainbow

Make it a habit to Eat the Rainbow, meaning always have at least 5 different colors on your plate at each meal. It both looks more inviting and you are sure to get a balanced meal.

MGW Food pyramid by Walter Willet

“The Back to Basics” lifestyle largely follows this food pyramid from Walter Willet. There’s really nothing you should not eat, there’s just something you shouldn’t eat very often! This is of course mainly the processed food products.

How to change your lifestyle with no side effects

Changing lifestyles and eating habits can be challenging; I know, I’ve been there many times.

If you implement 50 new habits at once, it will backfire and you end up exactly where you started.
You have to remember that the habits you have now, most likely took years to develop!

When I started this journey, I quickly learned only to change 2-3 things at a time. By doing that everything became more easy, and that’s exactly what I’ve been teaching for almost 2 decades.

If you have ever tried making a complete change in your lifestyle, you have probably experienced headaches, cravings, fatigue and irritability.
All this is due to 2 main reasons; sugar addiction and detox!

Making changes over time will help your body and mind to better adapt and appreciate what you do.
You will pretty quickly feel some of the benefits from the healthy habits, and start getting more energy, more focus, better digestion and sleep.

Switching from the foods that make you store fat, crave sugar as well as “bad” carbohydrates, to foods that nourish you and will soon start craving the healthy, and that way stay the course, without huge withdrawals.