Time to plant your veggie garden

March is here, I’d better start getting some seedlings going, and some colorful flowers out
Do you know the feeling? Although it is a great time to plant seeds for your veggie garden and have them grow indoors at first, it is still too early for getting flowers outside. At least in the areas were you have a long and cold winter season.

2 weeks ago my husband and I moved to Texas. We both love love love the warm weather and the outdoor living, and have talked and dreamed about for years, how it would be like to live in an area with warmer weather year round.
Last summer we were both working from the porch or patio all summer at our home in Wisconsin, and loved it! When summer faded it dawned on us that with both of us working from our home/phone, why not make the dream a reality. And so we did!
I will say, it was really hard to say “see you later” to our friends and team. It really reminded me of 8 years ago when we moved from Denmark to Wisconsin and had to say good bye to Family and friends! Thank God for Zoom and messenger 🙂

Fast forward, here we are in our temporary home, a 42ft 5th Wheel at a campground in the Waco Texas area.
With temperatures from the upper 60’s and 70’s my desire for growing veggies and have flowers outside was triggered. And while it might be a little too early to plant your veggie garden in the cooler areas of the country; down here it was the perfect time!

Growing your own vegetables, herbs, berries and fruit can be so much fun, and the taste is incredible. If you grow it organic you are sure to get some really great nutrients for your body.
To build your immune system you have to have clean nutritious food, which will provide you with vitamins, minerals and the important fibers. AND it is much more inviting to eat all the colors, if you have picked the food in your own yard!
The last year have inspired more and more people to become somewhat self sustained, and if you go to Pinterest you can get thousands of ideas to grow your own food in small or larger places.

As you can imagine, we don’t have any land to create a huge veggie garden. However we have a couple containers, pots and then my amazing Tower Garden.
We went to the local Country Store and got a couple tomato plants, cucumber, watermelon, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and peppers, as well as my favorite herbs basil, rosemary, oregano, timian, parsley and mint. I was super motivated and energized to get everything planted.

Also I planted seeds for different types of lettuces for the Tower Garden, which now only 2 days later are germinating and will be transferred into the Tower Garden in a couple more days.

If you do have a small area of land or grass, I will highly reccoment that you create a veggie garden.
See how my friend and mentor Ninka Bernadette Mauritzon have created a simple yet very productive veggie garden on a piece of the lawn, by laying out cardboard and added soil to that!
Grow your own food with a No dig garden

Have fun with growing your own food 🙂