The story of my ancestors

11. July 2022

Back in 2005, when I started my professional journey in the alternative world, I did not know the story of my ancestors. I had no idea, that we more than 250 years ago had a witch, or what we today refer to as a naturopath, in the family.

Many generations back, Maren Haaning (1782-1853) practiced what we today refer to as a witch, or Naturopath. Exactly how I work today!

This small dynasty of Naturopaths, lasted 3 generations. In Denmark, they were known as the women from Vindblaes.

I knew we had a book with our Family Tree in the Haaning family, and was lucky enough to borrow it.
I was super excited to find Maren Haaning and her daughters in the book.
Also, I found out there was a book written about her and the 3 generations of Naturopaths from VIndblaes, a small town, in the north eastern part of Jutland, Denmark. How awesome is that?

I became even more excited when I discovered, that the library my sister in-law was working at, actually had a copy of this rare book in their storage. Guess what I got for my birthday.

I felt my intuition of healing and helping others was somehow full circle.

Read my journey to a better health here

The story of Maren Haaning

Maren Haaning (1782-1853) was widowed in an early age, and left with a poorly run farm. This forced her to find something else to do.

By coincidence she came across some old medical books, which peaked her interest. She later used these books when helping her clients.
Apparently she was a natural, and had great success. 

In fact over time, clients sought out her advise instead of going to the doctor! (she was cheaper too).

Another reason for her success, was the mystique surrounding her, as she could tell where people were from and what they were suffering from, even before they had told her anything.

The story goes, that her son in law was making sure everything was ok in the waiting room, and carefully got the information from people, before passing it to Maren 

3 Generations

Marens daughter, Maren Jensdatter (1820-1895), took over the business after her mothers passing. After all she had all medical books and the recipes her mother had used. 
In the beginning she also relied on her mothers reputation, until she got more experience and knowledge on her own.

When she died her daughter Karen and niece Maren continued the business until 1919, where this photo is taken.

All 3 generations had problems with the authorities multiple times for giving advise
without proper medical background, and because they received money for their services. However, none of them ever got convicted, as the clients didn’t pay them directly, but put money in a jar on the kitchen counter before they left. 

Furthermore they always recommended the clients to go and see the doctor too – which most of them didn’t.  

In 1832 when a local Pharmacy opened, Maren Haaning was able to build a great relationship with them. 
The Pharmacy often got a note from clients with strange words and symbols, so they developed a translation from Maren Haaning strange symbols to proper Danish, to accommodate the suggestions.

I think this is such a fun story, which I didn’t know about when I first started in this line of work almost two decades ago. 

Today my passion and life mission is helping people to a better quality of life, teaching  The “Healthy made Simple” lifestyle and my “Seven Steps”
I hope you enjoyed the journey back in time to meet my ancestors!

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My mission in life is to guide people to a balanced life
and optimal health one step at a time.

It is NOT a normal to be in pain and it is NOT a normal to be on medication.

Through my “Healthy made Simple” Lifestyle course, my e-books and little tips,
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