Do you use the but’s, can’ts and don’ts

I don’t have time; I just can’t see my family live like that; Oh, my kids definitely don’t like that; You don’t know what it’s like; When I get home everyone is having melt downs; I really don’t know how….

Do you recognize one or more of these excuses??
I think most people do. Instead of taking responsibility of our life, we  choose to take what we think is the easy way out.
Well, I’ve got news for you. It’s is NOT the easy way out, and the price you can end up paying is extremely high; the health of you and your family!

Sounds familiar? I’ve been there, not realizing that what I thought was love for my family (in regards to food choices and the “no boundaries”), was in fact the same as poisoning them. I was in fact creating the base of future lifestyle diseases, because of the food choices I made, which had no nutritional value what so ever.
I didn’t wake up until I realized, that what I thought was a normal life (headaches, PMS, joint pain, heavy metal poisoning, etc.), was actually something I could change.

And by the way, it’s not ok to be on prescription drugs, be overweight, get up several times at night, have aching joints, and have head aches on a regular basis just because you turned 50! This is actually the time you should start to enjoy life more.

After slowly changing our food habits into buying and eating organic whole food, and learning what kind of fuel our cells need, everything has become much more simple, and I started healing, slowly but surely.
Very quickly I stopped feeling sorry for myself for not being able to eat McDonald’s, or fried food in general,  gluten,  candy, or any other processed foods. It has just become a new normal.
I know you think that eating healthy is difficult, but it is in fact really simple.
Let me share a few simple tips:

  • Buy fresh in season produce (organic if possible).
  • Buy meat from organic grass fed animals.
  • Buy fish that’s wild caught.
  • Stay away from processed and prepackaged foods.
  • Read the labels and see how much real food is actually in it. In a couple of weeks it will be a lot easier!

Oh, and do NOT count calories, carbs, fat or protein, it’s a waste of time. Just be mindful of what you eat.
If you buy real food, whole food, you can eat almost anything you like 🙂
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Tell yourself that the next 30 days (what is 30 days out of the rest of your life??) you’ll change your way of thinking when grocery shopping.
Make extra meat for dinner and use it for lunch next day.
Rinse and cut all fruits and veggies and store them so they last the week. That way it’s easy if you want some “fast” food.
Buy some gluten free crackers with no sugar and no artificial flavor and color, to grab on the go.
Plan your week so the meals and shopping is easy, which will give you more time for yourself.
Set a nice table, and sit down for dinner,  as a family; No phones, just be present. You will be amazed what difference it will make in your, your kids (if they are still around) and your significant other’s state of mind.

More than 60% of all Americans are overweight and almost 70% are on at least 1 prescription medication (and the numbers are not dropping) Wouldn’t now be a good time to make the change and take responsibility?
I think so!