The Back to Basics Lifestyle

“Sharing how to regain Optimal Health, is my passion and life mission, and I love helping people to a better quality of life”

I shared this with you a couple of years ago, but I feel that now is a perfect time to share it again. With all the things going on in the world, timing couldn’t be better for taking action and jump onboard with The Back to Basics lifestyle!
This way of living is so much more than just a diet. However it is very simple if you think about it! Going “Back to Basics” is to listen, and learn, what your body is telling you, and what it really needs. Hint: it’s easier than you think!

Did I mention I have a gift for you?
I love to give, so today I’ll gift you my new Seven Steps
hand out, to get you going on this new journey 🙂

Think of your body as an engine! It needs clean fuel and oil, and it needs to be maintained on a regular basis! Pretty simple right? The same goes for your body; it needs great fuel and regular maintenance too.

There are so many different “diets” out there, and it can be difficult to choose. Well, I’ll make it easy for you, because NONE of them are good for you in the long run. Yes, you read that right – dieting isn’t healthy, and it won’t get you the change you are looking for.

The Back to Basics lifestyle, is so much more than a diet.
Eating well and exercising makes up only about 30% of a healthy lifestyle, which is why I am so passionate about my Seven Steps

Food – Water – Sleep – Exercise – Fresh Air – Silence – Gratitude

If you are disconnected from your body, meaning you don’t pick up the signals given to you all the time;  sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, go to the bathroom when you have to go; you are out of balance (homeostasis). To regain balance (homeostasis), you need to incorporate my Seven Steps, one step at the time.
But don’t stress yourself, and make major changes all at once, because when doing that you’ll most likely fall back into old habits within a short period of time.

So what food do you choose?
As mentioned earlier, The Back to Basic Lifestyle is not a diet, it’s a total lifestyle change, where Food is one of the Steps.
It’s about eating organic, locally grown, mostly in season and real food. There is no weighing your food, no counting calories, no bizarre “meal replacements, ” no “lose weight fast” pills.
You can eat all the delicious colorful foods – still lose weight, and become healthy from inside out. Get recipe inspiration here

In the next couple of weeks, I will share a lot more about the Back to Basics Lifestyle with you.

Note: Please be aware that changing your lifestyle, can decrease your need for medicine. Consult with a knowledgeable physician, before you start.