Super Creamy Green Pea Soup

Winter and soups is definitely a thing! In this house we just love a good creamy soup. And you can make it of just about any vegetable you can think of.
Today I craved green peas; I love the sweetness and the vibrant color. On top of that it is a very nutrient little thing! They are actually a part of the legume family, and therefore a good source of protein. They contain almost every vitamin and mineral, especially vitamin A and K, as well as Thiamine, Folate and Manganese; and a high content of good fibers, which you need for your gut health.
Green Peas is also known for the high amount of Polyphenols antioxidants. Polyphenols may help improve digestion, brain function, and blood sugar levels, as well as protect against blood clots, and heart disease.
Yep, a powerful little thing.

To make a creamy soup out of these little wonders you need:

1,5 cup of chicken broth
1 can of coconut milk
2-3 cloves of garlic
1/2 an onion
1,5 bag of 16oz frozen green peas
Salt and pepper to your taste

Mix chicken broth and coconut milk in a pot and bring it to boil
Chop the garlic and onion, and add it along with the frozen peas, salt and pepper. Let everything boil for 10 minutes.
Blend everything into a smooth soup.
If it is too thin, you can mix a little arrowroot with water, and use as thickener.
We usually add either chicken breast, ground chicken or ground beef with it, and sometimes wild rice.