Another great winter salad, is the extremely colorful Red Cabbage with Kale, Clementines and Walnuts.
I usually get 4-5 different salads out of one head. Sometimes the whole base is Red Cabbage, and sometimes I just use a little.
The deep purple color of Red Cabbage is so inviting to eat, especially on these more grey and cold winter days. It also gives you a high amount of Vitamin C and K as well as B6. Red cabbage is very high in fibers and the powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols and sulfur!

Our immune system needs a constant flow of antioxidants to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.
Free radicals are created from all the toxins we get every single day, due to the food many people eat, the tap water, and the air we breathe. Free radicals are molecules that have an odd number of electrons, making them unstable. Once that happen they can damage your cells.

Another leafy powerhouse is Kale.
Kale is a very robust crop, with a high content of vitamin A, C, and K, and Folate, a B vitamin which by the way is key for brain development.
In fact Kale can tolerate moderate frost, and are there fore a great crop to keep fresh outside, and can be harvest very late in the season.
The bright orange mini orange called Clementine is also a very good source of Vitamin C, rich in potassium as well as the very needed fibers. Clementines has no seeds in them, and unlike an orange, they are easy to peel, which makes them an easy and refreshing snack.

As you see, this salad is packed with great immune boosters which we especially need during the cold winter months.

1/4 of a Red Cabbage head
4 large Kale leafs
4-6 Clementines
1 cup of Walnut pieces

I added some crumbled goats cheese to my plate!