My Seven Steps – Exercise

12. December 2022

It’s incredibly important to incorporate exercise into your routines, preferably 3-5 times a week. But relax, it doesn’t have to be 2+ hours each time!

Exercise not only helps build muscles and strengthen the whole body. It also helps to let go of stored fat, support your digestive system, and move waste products out of the body. 

The more you move during the day, the better your digestion will be to transport waste products out of the body. At the same time, sweat is a very good way of getting rid of waste products via our largest organ, the skin.

The lymphatic system also depends on exercise to function optimally.
Lymph fluid is not pumped like our blood, but moves when the muscles squeeze the lymphatic system. When this happens, the lymph carries the white blood cells throughout the body, working to remove excess fat, bacteria and other harmful materials.

By exercising regularly, your lymph stays active and flowing throughout your body, helping to carry out harmful waste products.

Exercise is also very important for your mood, as regular exercise helps to release endorphins, and these make you happier, more positive and balanced in everyday life.
Even sleep has a positive effect of regular exercise. You sleep better, and the body can recover and recharge better for the next day.

All the above is why at least 30 minutes of daily exercise makes a huge difference.

What type of exercise should you do

Depending on your goals and body type, it’s a good idea to incorporate these four different types of exercise into your program.

Cardio training 

Running, biking, swimming, dancing – everything that’s high-impact.
Improves your heart condition and a better blood flow throughout your body.

Strength training

Weight lifting, kettle bells, cross fit, or your own body weight. 
Provides stronger bones and more muscles

Balance or low impact 

Yoga, Chai Chi or just a stretching program.
Provides a better reaction-time and coordination.

Breathing exercise 

10 deep breaths 3 times daily.
Relives stress and provides oxygen to your cells

You can switch between the different types of exercise during the week.
If you are having a hard time getting your exercise in, I highly recommend you join a fitness center. 

It’s also a great idea to get a personal trainer in the beginning to keep you motivated and accountable.

I know you may think “I haven’t got time for 3-5 hours of exercise a week”
But let’s be honest – how many hours do you watch TV every day? 
If you give up just 30-60 minutes of TV every day, you’d have plenty of time exercise.

Exercise has been known to cause Health and Happiness!

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