I’m so excited about the new name “My Good Witch” and I’ll tell you why!

It’s in my blood! 

Many generations back my ancestor Maren Haaning (1782-1853) practiced what we would refer to as a witch, or put more nicely, a Wise Woman  or a naturopath. Just as I am working as one today!

I was really excited when I was going through a book of our Family Tree, and saw Maren Haanings occupation.
And wow, it’s more than 300 years ago!!

Also, I found out that there was a book about her and the 3 generations of Wise Women from VIndblaes (a small town) in the north eastern part of Jutland, Denmark. How awesome is that?

It became even more amazing when I found out that the library my sister in-law is working at, actually had a copy of this rare book in their storage, which I was lucky enough to get for my birthday. I felt that my intuition of healing and helping others was somehow full circle.

Today I’ll share with you a short translation of the story of Maren Haaning

Maren Haaning (1782-1853) was widowed in an early age, and left with a poorly run farm. This forced her to find something else to do.
By coincidence she came across some old medical books, which peaked her interest, and which she later used when healping clients.
Apparently she was a natural, and had great success. In fact over time, clients sought out her advise instead of going to the doctor! (she was cheaper too).
Another reason for her success, was the mystique surrounding her, as she could tell where people were from and what they were suffering from, even before they had told her anything. The story goes, that her son in law was making sure everything was ok in the waiting room, and carefully got the information from people, before passing it to Maren 🙂 

Marens daughter, Maren Jensdatter (1820-1895), took  over the business after her mothers passing. After all she had both the medical books and the recipes her mother had used. In the beginning she also relied on her mothers reputation, until she got more experience and knowledge on her own.
When she died her daughter Karen and niece Maren continued the business until 1919, where this photo is taken.

All 3 generations had problems with the authorities multiple times for giving advise without proper medical background, and because they received money for their services. However, none of them ever got convicted, as the clients didn’t pay them directly, but put money in a jar on the kitchen counter before they left. Furthermore they always recommended the clients to go and see the doctor too – which most of them didn’t.  

In 1832 when the Pharmacy opened in Loegstoer, the “Wise Women” build a great relationship, and the Pharmacy often got a note from clients with strange words and symbols. The Pharmacy had developed a record for translation to accommodate the suggestions.

I thought this was so fun and interesting, and didn’t know this 15 years ago when I started my journey in the Natural (alternative) world, learning different techniques but also nutrition and supplementation. Today my passion is helping people to improve their lifestyle, both with changes in their everyday life, but also by using oile and tinctures etc. all something nature made for us.
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I hope you enjoyed the journey back in time to meet my ancestors!