How is your New Years resolution going?

We are 2/3 into January and the everyday life has probably set in.
Did you make a promise to yourself that in 2021 everything would change? healthy eating, exercising, drink more water, get more sleep, be more grateful.

How is it going? It’s hard, right?

  • Maybe you didn’t get the grocery shopping done yesterday or you didn’t prepare for the week!
  • Maybe the diet you have been trying to stick to, just doesn’t seem to work!
  • Maybe you get tired in the afternoon!
  • Maybe you are more hungry!
  • Maybe the weight doesn’t move!

I am sorry to break it to you, but dieting just doesn’t work, and it never will. Maybe for a while, but not as a lifestyle. Whether you are doing Intermitting fasting, Carnivore, 5:2 diet, Strict Paleo, LCHF or vegan, it is very likely it won’t last.
There just are no quick fixes to a healthy lifestyle!

The Back to Basics Lifestyle is so much more than just food.
It’s a holistic approach to what your body actually need in order to maintain homeostasis.
I have been sharing My Seven Steps; Food – Sleep – Water – Exercise – Silence – Fresh Air – Gratitude with great success for the last 15 years. See My Seven Steps here

The food part of this lifestyle is actually very simple.
You eat what can grow on its own, without herbicides, pesticides and GMO’s.
It’s all about buying REAL WHOLE FOOD, which means Organic whenever possible, non processed. The meat should be at least Grass fed and the fish/shellfish should be wild caught.
Buy whole food instead of processed food, (you get a lot of hidden sugars, fats, artificial flavors and colors you don’t want). Pleas have in mind; just because it is labeled organic, it doesn’t necesarely means it is healthy.