Declutter and Organize

Now is the perfect time to de-clutter and organize.
A lot of people are forced to stay at home during this crazy time which means we have more time to sort through all the boxes and piles around the house 🙂
When you have stored a lot of things and boxes you haven’t used in years, it’s like hanging on to the extra pounds, or a negative state of mind!

As soon as you let go of things which no longer serves you, it fries up space! Not only in your home, but more importantly inside you. When you let go, you are one step closer to achieve a healthy well being. This also goes for relations ships which no longer serve you. However painful if might be to say good by, you will feel a lot better after wards! Some of the other known health benefits of de-clutter your space are reduced anxiety, more energy, it creates a sense of confidence and can help reduce air way and allergy problems, as clutter is a huge dust magnet!

How do you do this without getting the stress level sky rocking?

LOL – we got a container delivered to our drive way, and started hauling things we don’t need anymore, or haven’t touched since we moved to the US 7 years ago!

When we do something, we go all in!!!

Simply by creating a plan. Block off time every single day; do one room at a time, or maybe even one cabinet, drawer or shelve a day if its a large room.
Do not save clothes that doesn’t fit anymore. Too big, will just program your brain to believe that you’ll gain the weight you’ve lost – and guess what…. That will happen! Too small, will just stress you and send you back in self sabotage!

Storage under your bed, is known to disturb your sleep, as the energy are not able to flow. Especially if it is emotion related items you never dealt with before you stored them. However, if you need the space for storage, make sure it is only blankets, pillows or something you use.

Sort the boxes in your basement, addict or garage. Let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. I bet you have boxes of old photos, which you meant to put in albums, right? I know we do!!
Well, to move forward and get through it quicker, dedicate a weekend to get it done. If you have kids, have them help you; you can probably share some great stories connected to some of the things.

I promise you, you’ll feel the lightness around you and a sense of accomplishment, as soon as you get everything de-cluttered and organized.

Have fun!