Crisp Apple Kale And Pickled Beet Salad

Pumpkin, Squash, apple, cabbage and root vegetables, are all very colorful, nutridense and cheap foods. Easy to grow yourself, or easy to get locally grown. They also have many different uses. in stews, soups, roasted, raw and some of them pickled.
Today we are having an Apple Kale and pickled Beet salad.
One of the reasons why I love kale, is that it can be used in many different dishes such as salads, stir fry, smoothies, juices and veggie wraps.
Kale is a very robust crop, with a high content of vitamin A, C, and K, and Folate, a B vitamin which by the way is key for brain development.
Apples come in many different flavors. Common for Apples is that they are very high in fibers and vitamin C. There is said to be more than 10,000 different nutrients in an Apple, so I guess the saying :”An Apple a day keep the doctor away” has some truth to it!
My favorite apples to use is Gala and Honey crisp, as they provide a sweetness to the salads.
In this variation of my Kale salads, I have added apples and pickled Beets.
The nutritional value in Beets are many; they are a really high in Nitric Oxide which supports your cardiovascular health, blood pressure, circulation, and energy level. They also contain a high amount of polyphenols and betalains, which are natural antioxidants. You also get a some really good fibers, which supports your digestive system.

6-8 Kale leafs
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
3 Apples
1 Cup of pickled Beets
1/2 Cup of Pecans or Walnuts
Pepper to your taste
Goats cheese

Cut the stem off the kale leafs, chop the kale leafs very thin and toss it in a bowl.
Massage the kale in the olive oil.
Remove the core from the apples and dice them.
Add the diced apples, pickled beets and nuts into the bowl and mix well with the kale.
Top with fresh pepper and goats cheese