About Birgitte Christensen

Birgitte Christensen smiling

Born and raised in Denmark.
Moved to Racine, Wisconsin, with my husband in the spring of 2013.

As a holistic lifestyle practitioner, I work with the whole person “body, mind, spirit, and emotions” to gain
balance in life and optimal health.

I’ve been helping people change their lifestyle in Denmark since 2006 when I graduated in Reflexology & Nutrition.

In Spring of 2011, I opened a health care shop in our hometown, providing organic whole food, skin care and supplements,
along with offering the lifestyle change program already started.
That continued until we left for the US in spring 2013.
I have been blessed to work with, and learn from some of the best holistic practitioners in Denmark.

Graduated in Reflexology & Nutrition 2006 from ZoneConnection, Denmark
Certified Crania Sacral Therapist 2005 from Trine Rosenberg Institute, Denmark
Certified massage therapist 2006 from Optimal Therapy, Denmark
Certified 1st degree Reiki Healer 2005 from The Reiki Alliance, America

Growing up in Denmark my parents owned a jewelry store, which I took over when they retired.

At that time, I struggled with different health issues but never bad enough to see a doctor. However, one day I woke up on the floor of the jewelry shop face down. I was rushed to hospital, where they couldn't find anything wrong and they sent me home; but it kept happening... after testing they still couldn't find anything wrong.

After doing extensive lab work they found that I had heavy metal poisoning and a reaction towards Silver!

We had long talks about what to do, and I knew I had to change something. I’ve heard about reflexology and eastern medicine and decided to get a 2-year degree in anatomy, reflexology, supplementation, and nutrition. After learning and starting supplementation my memory improved and I was able to finish my study. I had a huge improvement in my health and wellness and decided to start my own practice taking on clients for training and teaching what I learned.
That was back in 2005! I have since moved to the US due to my husband's work, and I soon started my practice as a Holistic Practitioner, helping people Back To Basics with simple tools.

Today we are blessed to work together in spreading the word about Health and Wellness. We found a company that gives us the perfect platform to reach so many people around the world. It would have been impossible to do as a single person.