Our lives are filled with things to do -
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Too often you forget YOU!

How is your New Years resolution going?

By Birgitte Christensen | January 20, 2021

We are 2/3 into January and the everyday life has probably set in. Did you make a promise to yourself that in 2021 everything would change? healthy eating, exercising, drink more water, get more sleep, be more grateful. How is it going? It’s hard, right? Maybe you didn’t get the grocery shopping done yesterday or…


Hidden sugars

By Birgitte Christensen | January 13, 2021

I came across this topic about hidden sugars, while searching for something else… And, as it is something most people can relate to, I decided to share this important information with you. Now with everyone home most of the time, reaching out for a snak can easily become a bad habit.Prepare some healthy snacks once or…


The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

By Birgitte Christensen | December 21, 2020

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a very important network of receptors that interacts with endocannabinoids to help support activities like mood, sleep, pain responses, situational stress and immune system. In other words, it’s the largest system of neurotransmitters with receptors found throughout your entire body, and is very unique to you, just like your fingerprint.



The first Cannabinoid Based Skin Care in the World

By Birgitte Christensen | January 15, 2021

I am so extremely grateful and excited to introduce to you the very first Cannabinoid based skin care line in the world! Liché is very unique because it has the Cannabinoids CBD, CBG and CBC included in the formulation, as well as Mexican Blue Agave Yeast Extract(Hyaluronic Acid booster), Soybean Fiber (Collagen 1 booster), and…


Get your Hemp Oil and supplements now!

By Birgitte Christensen | January 5, 2021

First and foremost – Happy New Year! A lot have happened in our Zilis world throughout 2020 Where many companies have slowed down, and been careful about expanding and rolling out new products, Zilis have done the absolute opposite. Did you know, by taking a quality Hemp oil, you support your Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?This system…


I love trying new recipes to find good tasting dishes that are good for me and my loved ones.

Crunchy Apple Kale Salad

By Birgitte Christensen | January 19, 2021

I love to use the fruits and vegetables in season whenever possible. That means we get a lot of different salads and dishes, with all the different crops from the cruciferous family. To soften them op a little I usually add some time of fruit and/nuts. This one has very quickly become a favorite. We use…

Curry Cabbage Crock Pot Dish

By Birgitte Christensen | January 11, 2021

I’m a huge fan of curry! I’m also a huge fan of making it easy to eat healthy when I’m in a hurry, or don’t really feel like cooking!Every time we grill a whole chicken, I always make chicken broth of the caucus. Nothing added to the crock pot but caucus and water. That way…

Super Easy Chicken Broth

By Birgitte Christensen | January 11, 2021

Bones from 1 chicken (grass fed of course)
1 red onion
2 carrots
3 celery sticks