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Time to plant your veggie garden

By Birgitte Christensen | March 30, 2021

March is here, I’d better start getting some seedlings going, and some colorful flowers outDo you know the feeling? Although it is a great time to plant seeds for your veggie garden and have them grow indoors at first, it is still too early for getting flowers outside. At least in the areas were you…


Why Should We Dry Brush

By Birgitte Christensen | February 25, 2021

This simple detox trick only takes five minutes a day, costs nothing (except from the brush), and helps cleanse your body, inside and out? Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it is an organ of elimination. One third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin and dry brushing helps…


How is your New Years resolution going?

By Birgitte Christensen | January 20, 2021

We are 2/3 into January and the everyday life has probably set in. Did you make a promise to yourself that in 2021 everything would change? healthy eating, exercising, drink more water, get more sleep, be more grateful. How is it going? It’s hard, right? Maybe you didn’t get the grocery shopping done yesterday or…



Super tasty and easy energy mix

By Birgitte Christensen | April 8, 2021

Do you sometimes feel like taking a nap after lunch, or maybe having a hard time focusing during meetings? Maybe you usually have a stash of energy driks in your fridge, just in case!I’m here to share with you, there is a healthier solution.This powder works fast and taste amazing.Add a scoop of powder to…

Easter Bogo

Easter Bogo in the Shop

By Birgitte Christensen | March 30, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I love a great deal!This year I’m doing an Easter Bogo for the extremely popular 7ml Ultra Cell Hemp CBD Oil.This will be enough for you to try the product for a couple weeks, or to use it as a travel size. Click the Easter Bogo button and take…


The first Cannabinoid Based Skin Care in the World

By Birgitte Christensen | January 15, 2021

I am so extremely grateful and excited to introduce to you the very first Cannabinoid based skin care line in the world! Liché is very unique because it has the Cannabinoids CBD, CBG and CBC included in the formulation, as well as Mexican Blue Agave Yeast Extract(Hyaluronic Acid booster), Soybean Fiber (Collagen 1 booster), and…


I love trying new recipes to find good tasting dishes that are good for me and my loved ones.

Super crisp rotisserie tumbled wings

By Birgitte Christensen | April 12, 2021

Who doesn’t like wings? I sure do – well, I like my meat 🙂 Since we recently moved to Texas I have not cooked on the stove, everything is outdoors on the grill.I love that for two reasons; it taste a lot better, and it doesn’t make a mess inside. My husband Andy, is really…

chickpea sandwich bread

Chickpea Sandwich Bread

By Birgitte Christensen | April 8, 2021

When it comes to baking, my skills are definitely used better elsewhere 🙂 However, I really like home baked rolls and bread, and being Gluten Free it’s very hard to find a really yummy bread. A couple months ago I came across a recipe on a Sandwich bread with Chickpea and Buckwheat flour plus eggs.…

Crunchy Apple Kale Salad

By Birgitte Christensen | January 19, 2021

I love to use the fruits and vegetables in season whenever possible. That means we get a lot of different salads and dishes, with all the different crops from the cruciferous family. To soften them op a little I usually add some time of fruit and/nuts. This one has very quickly become a favorite. We use…